Groundbreaking for New Municipal Parking Facilities Planned

The Walton County Board of County Commissioners and the Walton County Beach Operations Department invite the public to attend groundbreaking ceremonies for two new municipal parking facilities.

The Grayton Beach Municipal Parking Facility groundbreaking takes place Monday, March 18, at 10 a.m. at 1505 South County Road 283 in Grayton Beach. Groundbreaking for the 393 Beach Municipal Parking Facility will be Wednesday, March 20, at 10 a.m. at 1668 South County Road 393 in Gulf Place.

“Walton County is excited to announce the construction start of yet another municipal parking facility,” said Brian Kellenberger, director of Beach Operations. “After many years of planning, designing and permitting, the Beach Operations Department is breaking ground on the new Grayton Beach Public Parking Facility and the 393 Beach Municipal Parking Facility."

“The facilities will service the Grayton Beach Public Beach access and Ed Walline Regional Beach Access and be part of a future public transportation system to help ease the congestion on the scenic corridors,” Kellenberger said.

The Grayton Beach parking facility will be completed in 11 months according to Kellenberger, who anticipates keeping part of the parking facility available to the public during construction. It will have more than 180 parking spaces, dedicated ADA, electric car, LSV and bicycle parking areas, as well as restrooms, public transportation facilities and connectivity to the multi-use path.


The 393 Beach parking facility will be completed in 10 months and will have 83 parking spaces with dedicated parking for ADA, LSV, bicycles, electric cars and a 1,300 square foot transit building with restroom facility. 


The properties were purchased and will be maintained using Tourist Development Tax, a 5 percent tax collected on short-term rentals in south Walton County.  

For additional information regarding these and other beach operation projects visit or contact Brian Kellenberger at (850) 267-4578.

Beach Access Updates:

Seagrove RBA, our newest regional beach access, will be located in the heart of Seagrove. The construction contract has been awarded, and construction is expected to begin in April 2024, taking approximately 10 months to complete. This project includes parking with dedicated spaces for standard vehicles, ADA, and bicycles, a 1,011 square foot restroom facility, handicap-accessible dune walkover, and connectivity to the multi-use path.



The Grayton Beach Community Center is located at 44 Hotz Avenue in Grayton Beach. Once completed, the 1,600 square foot building will house a local information station, restrooms, observation deck, a boardwalk to the beach, and access to our Beach Tram. The development order has been issued and the final permitting has almost been completed. We expect to have the project ready to be placed out for bid this spring with construction beginning in the fall.



The Pelayo Neighborhood Beach Access Renovation Project is underway and expected to take approximately three months to complete. This project involves relocating the current boardwalk/dune walkover to the western edge of the property. The beach remains open to the public during construction.

Walton Dunes Regional Beach Access is located at 258 Beachfront Trail. Currently under appeal with the Zoning Board of Adjustments, the Walton Dunes project is on hold until a final determination of the validity of the Development Order can be made. Improvements are expected to include 14 parallel ROW parking spaces with dedicated ADA, LSV, and bicycle parking, restrooms and an ADA-accessible boardwalk.
The Walton County Board of County Commissioners continues to take an active approach to improve parking and transportation throughout the county. Here's a look at some projects currently undergoing or preparing for improvements:
The Cessna Landing Park Improvements project is located at 1689 County Highway 393 N., in Santa Rosa Beach.  The construction contract has been awarded and work is expected to begin April 2024, lasting approximately 4 months.  Plans are to add two additional docks, replace the existing pavilions, and reconfigure/repave existing driveways and parking areas. Additional work will include hardscape, landscape, site utilities, site grading/drainage, and stormwater.  


Updates on Other Capital Improvement Projects:
    • Camp Creek Lake Canoe & Kayak Launch is located at 121 S. Camp Creek Road South just north of 30A. This coastal dune lake access park will include ADA and bicycle parking, landscape, an ADA-accessible pier with canoe/kayak launch, and stormwater systems. Status: The development order has been received and the project is expected to go out for bid March 2024 and be awarded in April 2024. Construction is anticipated to take 6 months to complete.

    • The Driftwood Road Municipal Parking project is on a 1.119-acre parcel located at 76 Driftwood Road in Miramar Beach. Plans include a 67-space parking area with dedicated parking for ADA, LSV, and bicycles, an air-conditioned public transit stop, and a restroom facility. Status: Receipt of a development order is expected by April 2024.

    • Kellogg Nature Center at 855 Nursery Road in Santa Rosa Beach, this proposed community/nature center will be a 1,800 square foot assembly-style building for nature watching and community gatherings, with access to the kayak launch. Status: Design development with coastal cottage architecture is at 90 percent.

    • Headland Street Neighborhood Beach Access is located in the South Headland Avenue right-of-way and will provide improved pedestrian access with a new sidewalk, boardwalk, dune walkover, and connectivity to the multi-use path. Status: Design/permitting efforts continue. Construction is expected to begin in early Fall 2024.

    • Miramar Beach Municipal Parking Project is a 4.5-acre parcel in Miramar Beach is to be used for a beach-related municipal parking project. Status: Task order for master planning has not been issued pending coordination with Public Works engineering efforts.