CR30A Multi-Use Path Bridge is Open to Public

Beach Operations has completed reconstruction of the pedestrian bridge on the multi-use path along Highway 30A near Van R. Butler Elementary School, and it’s again open for use by nearby students, residents and visitors.


Blue Mountain Beach RBA is Open to Public

Blue Mountain Beach Regional Beach Access was reopened to the public on Feb. 12. Plans are in the works to reconstruct this facility to be ADA accessible. These plans are in the early design and permitting stage and work is not anticipated to begin until after the 2023 season.

The Eastern Lake Road Municipal Parking Facility 

The Eastern Lake Road Municipal Parking Facility is the first of five Municipal Parking projects to be developed near larger public beach accesses in Walton County. This facility, located at 406 Eastern Lake Road in the Seagrove neighborhood, was purchased a few years ago with the goal of relieving congestion for visitors and residents while providing adequate beach access. Plans include 16 parking spaces, 12 low speed vehicle parking spaces, and a bike parking area. This construction project was awarded to Gum Creek Farms, Inc. in Dec. 2022, and is expected to commence in March 2023, with completion by Summer 2023.

The 393 Municipal Parking Facility 

This project is the second of five municipal parking facilities to be added this year and is on 2.3-acres at 1668 S. Co Hwy 393, north of the Gulf Place Town Center on the west side of County Road 393. Currently in the permitting stage, this project will add 83 +/- parking spaces with dedicated parking for ADA, low speed vehicles, bicycles, electric cars and will be home to a 1,300 square foot transit building with restroom facility. Construction is expected to begin Summer 2023 and completed by Winter 2023.

The Grayton Beach Community Center is located at the junction of 44 Hotz Avenue and DeFuniak Street. It is currently in the design/permitting stage and once completed, the 1,600 +/- square foot building will house a local information station, restrooms, observation deck and access to our transit shuttle. Bid solicitations are expected to begin in Spring 2023 with construction beginning by Fall of 2023 and be completed by late Spring 2024.



Updates on Other Capital Improvement Projects:

  • Seagrove Regional Beach Access in the core of the Seagrove neighborhood, will be the 11th RBA when completed. Plans include 23 +/- parking spaces, including dedicated ADA and bicycle parking, a 1,000 +/- square foot restroom facility and dune walkover/boardwalk. Status: Design/Permitting is nearing completion. Once completed the project will go out for bidding.  
  • The Cessna Landing Park Improvements project, located at 1689 County Highway 393 in Santa Rosa Beach, is in the final design and permit stages. The park, with its large Bay access, is popular for water sports and charter fishing enthusiasts, and is enjoyed by locals and visitors alike. Plans are to add two additional pavilions, reconfigure existing driveways and parking areas as well as new piers for boat passenger loading and unloading, as well as temporary dockage. TRC has conditionally approved a development order pending finalization of plan details and permitting. Status: Permitting is nearing completion and once finalized, the project will be ready to move forward to bid solicitation.
  • Grayton Beach Municipal Parking Facility ­is located on the eastern portion of County Road 283 South, across from the Shoppes at Grayton. Temporary restroom facilities, landscaping and sail shades have been added to the area; final plan improvements include 118 +/- parking spaces, dedicated ADA, electric car, low speed vehicle and bicycle parking areas, restrooms, public transportation facilities and connectivity to the multi-use path. Status: We are nearing the end of the design/permitting stage and will move forward to the bidding stage once completed.
  • Driftwood Road Parking Project is located at 76 Driftwood Road in Miramar Beach; plans include a parking lot with 67 +/- parking spaces that include dedicated ADA and electric car charging stations, 15 low speed vehicle parking spaces, bike parking and a public transit/restroom facility. Status: Design development is at 90 percent.
  • Kellogg Park Project - Located at 855 Nursery Road in Santa Rosa Beach, this proposed community/nature center will be an 1,800 square foot assembly-style building for nature watching and community gatherings, with access to the kayak launch. Status: Design development with coastal cottage architecture is ongoing.
  • Camp Creek Lake Public Access - This Coastal Dune Lake Access project is to be located on the east side of Camp Creek Lake, north of 30A. This small park will have an ADA accessible canoe/kayak launch and dedicated ADA/Bicycle parking.  Status: Design/permitting efforts continue.
  • Headland Street Neighborhood Beach Access - Design and permitting efforts continue with the development order application under review. This neighborhood beach access will provide improved pedestrian access with a new sidewalk, boardwalk and dune walkover. Status: Design/permitting efforts continue.
  • Walton Dunes Beach Access – located at 258 Beachfront Trail. Improvements will include 14 parallel ROW parking spaces including dedicated ADA, low speed vehicle and bicycle parking, a 1,300 square foot transit/restroom building, and an ADA-accessible boardwalk.  Status: This project is on hold due to pending litigation.
  • Miramar Beach Municipal Parking Project - This recently acquired 4.5-acre parcel in Miramar Beach is to be used for a beach-related municipal parking project. Status: Task order for master planning has not been issued pending coordination with Public Works engineering efforts.

More detail about Beach Operations Capital Improvements, including beach access, existing beach/bay renovation projects and other projects, is available HERE.


Beach Access & Customary Use Reminder:

While there have been changes for customary use of private beachfront property, much is still evolving currently. If guests have concerns, we hope the below information will be helpful.

Things to keep in mind:

  • Visit South Walton currently maintains 58 public beach access points, including 10 Regional Public Beach Accesses complete with parking, restroom facilities, and lifeguards. South Walton also enjoys additional miles of public beach thanks to our State Parks. The customary use changes do not affect our public beaches, only privately-owned beachfront property.
  • A user-friendly interactive map of public beach access points can be found HERE.
  • Many beach neighborhoods and resorts already have dedicated beach areas available for guests staying with them.

What is customary use?

  • Customary use is a common-law term referring to the public access of the privately-owned beachfront property. Some Gulf-front properties in Florida have a property line that extends to the mean high-water line.

What is changing?

  • Essentially, some beachfront homeowners are restricting access to the dry sandy areas behind their homes. All wet sand areas remain undisputed public property and beachgoers cannot be excluded from these areas. The Walton County Sheriff’s Department will be the governing force for any conflicts or complications that may arise on the space in front of properties now considered private property.

Does that mean I can't walk all 26 miles of our white sand beaches?

  • No, you can absolutely still walk our beautiful beaches for as far as you wish. There will still be plenty of space in the wet sand area for beach-walkers to enjoy, and plenty of public beach where access is in no way under dispute. 

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