COVID-19 Response:

In response to COVID-19, South Walton has paused all of its paid media placements and marketing efforts. Additionally, we've adjusted our messaging online and through our social channels. As we continue to navigate through these tough times, we will continue to help keep South Walton top of mind with our guests by providing up-to-date information, virtual experiences and opportunities to help South Walton employees and small businesses. 


COVID-19 Travel Updates Page Stats:

The main VSW COVID-19 Travel Updates page launched on March 18 and has seen 6,472 total Page Views (as of 3/31), 5,401 of which were unique Page Views, meaning approximately 1,071 users returned to page a second time for reference. The majority of this traffic originated from Organic Search (44%). Users spent an average time of 2:44 on the page. From this page:


Virtual Beach Vibes:

South Walton is a community of closeness and the beach is a place of relaxation. Though we are unable to provide that physically because of efforts to stop the spread of COVID-19, we can provide it digitally. Utilizing South Walton’s social media channels, we present the Virtual Beach Vibes series. This series is meant to achieve two objectives: first, to support South Walton partners including musicians, artists, chefs and bed-tax collectors, and secondly, to provide a respite for fans around the country, allowing them to feel part of the South Walton experience while quarantined at home.



Interested in getting involved? Reach out to Catie Feeney, our social media specialist, at


February Website Stats:

  • Users & Page Views: 
    • Users who visited the site in February were mostly females (65.2%), ages 55-64 (23.8%) and new visitors (77.7%).
    • Month over month, traffic to the site decreased — with Sessions down by -23.2%, Users by -27.9% and Page views by -23.2%. While acquisitions decreased, engagement metrics remained relatively stable with negligible changes for Pages per Session and Bounce Rate and a slight increase for Average Session Duration. 
  • Geography:
    • Texas delivered the most sessions this month, followed by Georgia and Illinois.  
    • Atlanta accrued the most sessions this month, followed by Chicago.
  • Top Areas viewing our site: Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas-Ft. Worth, Houston, and Nashville.
  • The most viewed pages:
    • In February were the Home page followed by the Hilton Sandestin Beach Golf Resort and Spa page and the CAA's "UMA Announces Artists Selected for 2020 Underwater Museum of Art" press release page. The page with the largest increase in Page views this month was the CAA UMA Announce Artists Selected for 2020 Underwater Museum of Art press release page. Most of the Page views to this page came from Facebook ads.
    • Out of the top 10 viewed pages, the Hilton Sandestin Beach Golf Resort and Spa and The Pearl Hotel had the longest Average Time on Page. Both pages had higher Entrance and Exit rates, suggesting that most visitors to the page were sent straight to the page, stayed on the page to consume the content and then didn't feel the need to explore any additional pages on the site. 
  • BookDirect Overall BookDirect clicks decreased by -31.6%. Most clicks occurred on the Home page widget, followed by the Stay Navigation link and then on the Widget from the Plan My Trip page. 
  • February eNewsletter: Overall, there were 263 new email subscribers gained in February, a 0.27% increase from the previous month. Of the 37,063 recipients of the February eNewsletter, 31.2% opened the newsletter, which greatly exceeds the industry standard of 15.46%. The eNewsletter also garnered 621 clicks at 5.29% click-through rate which falls slightly below the industry standard of 7.02%.



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